Monday, December 18, 2006

We've lost our lease!

Hey, gang, this is just a little note to fill you in on developments here at BOTG Central. In short, I'm closing up shop on Blogger as I've moved the entire dog and pony show to the wonderful Webcomics Nation website.

Why move? I'll tell ya. Because Webcomics Nation allows for larger graphics sizes, an accessible Table of Contents that allows readers to view the whole comic in proper sequence, and a nifty Cast section where I can write little bios of the players in my sugar-frosted epic. And the site offers RSS feeds and other means of seeding the Net with BOTG promotion. This has already resulted in BOTG getting a mention (and much traffic) from sites like

I'm not going to shut this site down, but I won't be posting updates here. I hope you, the loyal few, will follow me on over to:

See ya there!

p.s.: Oh! And there's now also a BOTG MySpace page too! Be our friend!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Last Good Morning Page 21

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Last Good Morning Page 20

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Last Good Morning Page 19

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Last Good Morning Page 18

Monday, August 28, 2006

Of cameos and walk-ons....

Hey gang,

No new page today (later in the week, I promise) but I thought some of you might appreciate a full listing of the character cameos in the big two-pager of last week, specifically the top right panel on Page 17. For that particular illo I wanted a great mass of characters swarming the wide-open spaces of Cerealia, characters from the earliest days of cereal spokescharacters and just plain obscure folk that nobody would recognize (except for maybe one remarkable guy - more on him at the bottom).

Well, here goes - all the characters in that very busy little panel in clockwise order from the left:

Klondike Pete (Crunchy Nuggets) sawing through the tree.

Elijah (Elijah’s Manna – 1904) the gray gent behind the tree.

Buffalo Bee (Wheat Honeys) in flight.

Baron VonRedberry (Baron VonRedberry) the red tri-plane.

Sir Grapefellow (Sir Grapefellow) the purple bi-plane.

Dandy, Handy and Candy (Sugar Crisp) can barely be seen behind Klondike Pete's hat.

Pajama Boy (Kix) the kid in the nightcap.

Hoppity Hooper (Cheerios) the frog.

Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes – 1950s) Golden Age Tony as he first appeared, with the big football shaped head.

Johnny Jet (General Mills Jets) the flying kid with the helmet.

Postman Lovable Truly (Alpha Bits) carrying his mailbag to the right of Tony.

Frosty O’s Bear (Frosty O’s) you can barely make out the tip of his white nose past Lovable Truly's blue hat.

Kaboom (Kaboom) the clown.

Cheeri O’Leary (Cheerioats) the red-headed, pigtailed girl.

Jose (Cocoa Krispies) the monkey in the straw hat (he's holding a map).

Linus the Lionhearted (Crispy Critters) the lion in the top hat standing right beside Jose and pointing off in the distance.

Apple Jacks Kids (Apple Jacks) the crayon-scribbled boy and girl running off panel right.

Marky Maypo (Maypo) the energetic kid in the big cowboy hat coming right at us.

Snap (Rice Krispies – 1937) you can just make out the chef's hat of this early version of Snap as he peeks over the top of the tree stump.

Wheat Germ Weightlifters (Instant Ralston) the two tiny yellow blob-looking guys carrying dumbbells to the left of the tree stump.


Now, before you ask, no, I'd never heard of most of these guys before either. I owe a lot of my "research" props to the one man I mentioned above who puts my cereal knowledge to shame - a fella I only know as Topher.

For years Topher has run a site that is a one-stop repository of cereal character history, divided by company and brand. Seriously, it boggles and without it I never would've been able to get this far on BOTG. Check out his efforts at:

(And Topher is aware of my modest epic and has given it the thumbs up. Barring the infinitely unlikely acquiescence of the corporations whose licensed properties I'm borrowing, this is as close to a blessing as I'm gonna get.)

Oh! And there's a couple more cameos on those pages, but I'll wait for somebody else to spot 'em.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Last Good Morning Pages 16 and 17

Welcome back, dear readers! Again let me apologize for the extended delay. Not only did I move once again but I was also wrestling this latest installment into shape. Without going into all of the nitty gritty details I can tell you this: the double-page spread is no walk in the park on a lazy day with ice cream cone in hand. No sir.

But I hope you dig it because we're laying some groundwork here. It's a social studies lesson about the geopolitical origins of this land of Cerealia! New characters introduced! Many more with sneaky cameos (how many can you identify?)! And a boat that was really hard to draw!

(Tech note for the nitpickers: you will notice that the file size is greatly reduced as is the resolution. Sadly this was the only way I could fit the file onto Blogger, so I hope you'll forgive me.)

More to come on a (hopefully) regular basis!*

* But no more double-page spreads.